Thursday, 7 July 2016


I think New Zealanders are good at welcoming people because they say nice things to people like they say “hi there how are you?”  But 55% of immigrants feel judged based on their skin colour. Most people can be prejudged about their cultures because of their skin colour. 

This year we have been learning about prejudices. Prejudice is when you  judge someone before you know them. People can be prejudiced about different cultures, religion, sexism and ageism. For example if someone with a different skin colour comes up to a person and ask if they can play with them and the person says no because you have a different skin colour you might hurt us, this makes people sad. Why does prejudice exist? Because people think before they know. I think prejudice is a bad thing because it’s not nice to say things like that to other people. What we could do to stop prejudice from happening is stop judging something before you know.
We interviewed immigrants from other countries .  We learned about how we can make immigrants feel welcome:  saying hello, smiling, including & inviting to a party. We talked about what makes immigrants feel unwelcome: staring at the immigrants  & pointing at them. We talked about what tips or advice immigrants have for how we can help immigrants feel included. They said make a conversation, host a welcome party, be kind, include, saying hello, invite them to do something.

                  Overall summary
It is important to make changes because some people don't feel welcome when they come to New Zealand. We should make changes because we want to make people feel welcome in our community. If we do theses things it will make the world a better place. 

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