Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pokemon go speech 😺

This year my speech was about Pokemon go and how it can make the world a better place. We were learning how to make a hook. My hook was a question, for example “have you played pokemon go?”  and to structure my speech, to use language, to persuade, connect. My speech went well. I can use one part of the speech structure.
I can use one idea to connect the point of view. I need help to to use a language device to persuade and connected with audience. I felt scared at first but when I presentation my speech I felt good. Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Hi fellow Pokemon go fans teachers and classmates

Have you played Pokémon go?

What type of Pokémon go player are you? Are you a secret player, or a go out with your friends player, or a by yourself player?

Pokemon Go can help make the world a better place.

There has been a lot of talk about Pokemon Go since it's release a few months ago.Some of it is good some of it is not so good. When it first came out everyone was playing it and having lots of fun then people started to get hurt so it lost some of its coolness and people wanted it banned.   Someone was playing pokémon go and walked into a pole and had a cut on their head and another person walked on to a train track and got hit by a train. Another person was walking into forest and found two dead bodies my explanation is that they walked into a lure and got shot.

I don't want to ‘rub anyone up the wrong way’ but I think banning a game because a small handful of people got hurt is not the answer.

I think this game is great because it has helped get a lot of people to go outside and taking in some exercise who would otherwise have sat inside doing nothing.

I'm all for games that involve getting people motivated and also target their enjoyment of computer gaming after all no one's really going to get  fit sitting inside staring at a screen all day.

I do how ever think some improvements can be made to help lessen the chances of injury.

Some of these improvements could be:
Being able to hold your phone lower when catching the Pokemon so you can see what's around you instead of directly in front of your face like it is now.

A motion sensor that will beep when you're about to walk into someone or something or the surface level is about to drop or get higher.

It needs a busier that will been when you're about to walk into something.

I think these two things would greatly lessen the risk of injury and make the users much happier knowing they can concentrate on playing without worrying about checking around them at the same time and they would be more likely to play the game for longer which would help increase their daily exercise amount.  So I’m going to send my ideas to the game creators to use.  That way we can all enjoy it without injuring yourself.

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