Tuesday, 25 October 2016


                        Hide & seek
                                                                     98 99 100
I feel scared in side.
I whisper to my friend,
“I’m going to be found! I’m going to be found!”
Don't move. don't breath.
I can here the teacher rustling through the bushes.
We sprint straight past the teacher.
We're going to be found!
Sh! don't make a sound.
We can see shadows in the tree.
The teacher’s foot steps prowling away.
Phew we're lucky.
Keep quiet! Tuck your feet in.
We can see someone in front of us.
His shadow glazing in the sun.
He’s going to give as away.
“Sh” we say.
We see the teacher talking to him.
Here she comes prowling towards us.
We're next we're next.
Sh! tuck your feet in!

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