Monday, 29 May 2017

science journal

                Week 1 slime 2017
We slimed Mr Anderson to see what would happen to him. Some of the slime was thick some runny some oozing and some really slimy. He didn’t have a smile on his face. I thought that some of the slime looked like jelly because some was really wobbly I wonder  what would happen if we put more hot water in the slime I wonder if he would have a different expression on his face

         Week 2 balloon rocket 2017
This week we made a balloon rocket to explore forces. To make this we used woolen string, tape, straws, balloons and chairs. On the first test the balloon did not go very far, I think this was because we didn’t have enough air in the balloon. On the second test we added more air and it made it to the end. I wonder if we used something stronger than string, whether or not it would go further. I think I am multistructural for gathering data and pre-structual on interpreting data.

      Week 3 balloon rocket 2017  
This time we used fishing wire, chairs, balloons, tape and straws. On the first test it didn't go very far because the balloon popped. I don’t know why the balloon popped and wonder if it was because the balloon was bad quality. On the second test the balloon made it to the end. I think that the balloon went faster on the fishing wire because there was less friction than the woolen string. The fishing wire was also stronger. I think I am still multistructural for gathering data because still don't know much about it   and pre-structual on interpreting data because i still don't know what it is.

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