Monday, 26 June 2017

Science journal 6

Science journal 6
This week we made a parachute. We made it out of two pice of paper, one ruler, one bottle cap, one gluestic, one pair of scissors  and tape. We started with two piece scissors and a ruler .We ruled four lines and then we cut the four lines and glued them together.
 we suck the four lines of paper to the bottle cap and then on to the parachute hire is a video of how we made it parachute  we tested the parachute and it field so overall I think it didn't go so well I think it's because the paper made it to Hervey.

Wonderings: I wonder what would happen if we put a plastic bug on ensued of the paper would is float down or would if drop down

I think I am multistructural for inferring because I can make an inference but sometimes I'm not sure about my inference. I’m multistructural for gathering data because I can gather data but sometimes it's not always right.

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