Monday, 26 June 2017

Science Journal

                 Week 1 slime 2017
We slimed Mr Anderson to see what would happen to him. Some of the slime was thick some runny some oozing and some really slimy. He didn’t have a smile on his face. I thought that some of the slime looked like jelly because some was really wobbly I wonder  what would happen if we put more hot water in the slime I wonder if he would have a different expression on his face

          Week 2 balloon rocket 2017
This week we made a balloon rocket to explore forces. To make this we used woolen string, tape, straws, balloons and chairs. On the first test the balloon did not go very far, I think this was because we didn’t have enough air in the balloon. On the second test we added more air and it made it to the end. I wonder if we used something stronger than string, whether or not it would go further. I think I am multistructural for gathering data and pre-structual on interpreting data.

       Week 3 balloon rocket 2017
This time we used fishing wire, chairs, balloons, tape and straws. On the first test it didn't go very far because the balloon popped. I don’t know why the balloon popped and wonder if it was because the balloon was bad quality. On the second test the balloon made it to the end. I think that the balloon went faster on the fishing wire because there was less friction than the woolen string. The fishing wire was also stronger. I think I am still multistructural for gathering data because still don't know much about it   and pre-structual on interpreting data because i still don't know what it is.
                Week 4   Trebuchet
In week four we did the trebuchet. On the first test we started with 4 weights and the tennis ball went 8m. On the second test we put 5 weights in the trebuchet and the tennis ball went 11.18m. I thought that the tennis ball wouldn't go that far but it went further than the hockey ball that we put in. I think it's because the tennis ball has less weight than the hokey ball what makes it go further. I wonder if the hokey ball will go further if we put more weight in the trebuchet? My data gathering is uninstrucshrill because I can only gather 1 piece darter.

                 Week 5 flight
This week we learnt how planes fly by learning what the four forces are. The four forces are thrust, drag, lift and weight. Thrust pushes the plane. Lift lifts the plane in the air, weight pulls the plane down so the plane does not go high up, and drag is the resistance acting against thrust. In flying there is manmade and natural manmade is things such as drones, planes, helicopters, blimps. Natural is things such as bugs, bats, ducks and birds. I wonder if birds did not have wings could they still fly. I also wonder if plans did not have an engine. I think I am multistructural for inferring and gathering data.

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